How to create a website free of cost and earn money (2024)

Hey there , do you want to start your own website that too free and earn money ? Are you looking for how to create a website free of cost and earn money , then you are just one step ahead from learning and earning.


Creating your own simple websites that make money is the best way to earn money online. This article include all the tips and tricks and best ways of how to create a website for free. There are many steps included in creating a free website , I have briefly discussed all steps in this article so let’s start the steps.

Where and how to create a website free of cost and earn money?

How to create a website free of cost and earn money
How to create a website free of cost and earn money

There are many ways of creating a website free of cost but only discussing which are best ways in market right now . Will also discuss how to create simple websites that make money. Yes you can create a free website without any hidden charges . Big companies like google , blogger and wordpress provide it free of cost now let’s check out their steps.

How to create a website for free in blogger

how to create a website free of cost on google

Blogger is a platform where you can create unlimited websites for free of cost . There is no need of domain and hosting in blogger . Blogger provides its users free domain and hosting. But one negative point is blogger domain ends with . Everything is free of cost in this platform .

You can design different different websites in this platform. Blogger allows its users to upload them and use them freely . You can add pages , google adsense ads , categories , tags, etc. You can do here event blogging , affiliate marketing . Blogger allows its users to make ecommerce website for free of cost .

Steps of how to create a website free of cost and earn money in blogger :-

  • Step 1 :- Open blogger
  • Step 2 :- Sign in with your gmail , make sure to use the gmail which you want to make website with.
how to create a website free of cost on google
  • Step 3:- Select your niche and choose a name for your blog here.
  • Step 4 :- click on next button , then you will see there theme opiton on left side bar.
  • Step 5:- Choose your theme and even you can upload your zip file of theme.
  • Step 6 :- Design your website as you wants from layout option.
  • Step 7 :- Make your logo and favicon icon and then upload them in website by going to settings sections.
  • Step 8 :- After all customization make important pages like privacy policy , contact us , about us , disclaimer , etc.
  • Step 9 :- Voila ! your website is ready , now you just have to upload aticles daily by clicking on new post on left bar.
  • Step 10 :- After completing certain criteria of google adsense you will start earning money from blogger free of cost .
  • Remember , you can do all this steps in mobile also , as blogger website is user friendly.

And the above mentioned steps are of create free mobile website and earn money.

Cons of using blogger:-

  1. You don’t have much option in themes.
  2. You can’t use any plugins here.
  3. You can’t create web stories here .

How to create a website free of cost on google

how to create a website free of cost on google

Creating website on google is the simplest way here are the steps :-

  • Step 1 :- Open google site website
  • Step 2 :- Login with your gmail account
  • Step 3 :- Now just click start a new site at the top
  • Step 4 :- Select template as you wish
  • Step 5 :- Now enter the name of your site which you have selected and press enter
  • Step 6 :- Now add content to your website and publish

Here are the steps to create a website free of cost on google . Google sites are free to use . You can use it for landing pages , affiliate marketing , reselling , drop shipping , etc. Google is free and hence no domain and no hosting purchases required. You can create unlimited sites and can publish unlimited pages of your sites on google.

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How to create free mobile website and earn money through wordpress

Yes , wordpress also provides the option of creating free website . This means you don’t have to buy domain and hosting . will give it free to users. The domain name will be same as blogger it will end with .

Steps of how to create a website for free on wordpress :-

  • Step 1 :- Open
  • Step 2 :- Signup with your gmail id.
  • Step 3 :- Create your blog or website name .
  • Step 4 :- Choose domain name as per your content.
  • Step 5 :- Design your website , use themes and make responsive websites.
  • Step 6 :- Install plugins like google site kit , rank math seo it will help you to write articles more good way.
  • Step 7 :- Publish pages like contact us , privacy policy etc.
  • Step 8 :- Create posts and start publishing it on your website.

Pros of using wordpress :-

  1. You can make website more better as it allows users to use best themes for free.
  2. You can use plugins and make website look professional.
  3. You can add more widgets in wordpress.
  4. You can use SEO plugins here.
  5. You can use plugins for making website more speed.
  6. You can create web stories in wordpress for free.

Pro : How to create simple websites that make money (Monetization)

Now if you have created a simple website and looking to earn money from that then here are the best option of creating simple websites that make money online :-

Writing content and earning :- You have to write content after doing proper research and then you can monetize your website by google Adsense .

Affiliate marketing :- If you are interested in doing affiliate marketing then this is the best way of doing affiliate marketing , promote your products through creating simple websites.

Drop shipping :- If you are doing drop shipping then creating simple websites will help you to attract more customers as it will look professional .

Reselling :- If you do reselling business then you can create simple website of your products and promote them to customers , they will attract more towards your reselling business.

Creating an online store :- If you have an offline store then you can also convert them in online store by creating just a simple website which has all your business information . This will help your business to grow more.

Selling courses :- If you are in teaching line and make courses then creating simple website will make your courses look more professional . Viewers will get attract to your services as they are professionally maintained.

Tips and tricks of creating attractive websites

  1. Make as simple as website you can make.
  2. Use attractive colours.
  3. Use responsive themes , which will help you to get adsense approval quickly.
  4. Use good typrography like writing style , letter colours and letters size . Choose accordingly so it is clearly visible to viewers.
  5. Use good quality images and images should be releated to topic.
  6. Don’t use animation it will make your website slow.
  7. And most important make pages like privacy policy , disclaimer , contact us and about us . This pages will help viewers to build trust.
  8. Choose domain wisely and according to your content .

Challenges and solution of creating websites for free

Time consuming :- Yes , creating free websites may be time consuming to rank on google . But if you write articles on low competition keywords then you will surely rank on google.

Traffic :- There might be low traffic , but same thing applies here you have to create good content and that too on low competition keywords , you will surely get traffic . Remember consistency is key to success.

Less tools :- This may be challenge for creating free website because you can’t use all tools in free websites you have to purchase domain and hosting for that. But once you have learned how to grow on website then you can shift from free to paid websites.


The article concludes that you can really earn money from creating websites free of cost . There are many ways available in market but this blog consists three big companies offering users to make free websites. This also consist tips and tricks of making website attractive , monetization ways of your simple free website. There may be some challenges but you have to overcome them and start your earning journey.

Frequently asked question (FAQ’S)

Can I really create a website for free?

Yes you can really earn from websites that is created for free . You have to use updated tricks to make website attractive and responsive.

How long does it take to create a website?

If you are beginner then it will take some extra time to learn everything about website . But if you have already designed website then it will be less time consuming. It depends on your level.

Is affiliate marketing a sustainable source of income?

Yes , it can be a sustainable income for us . If you do very hardwork on affiliate marketing then it can be your main source of income .

Are there any hidden costs in creating a website for free?

No , there are no hidden charges in creating free website from the above mentioned methods and ways.

Can I change my website’s design after it’s live?

Yes , you can change website design after it is live . You can design and customize as per your requirements.

How can I drive traffic to my website?

You can use social media platforms like instagram reels , facebook videos and also youtube shorts . You can also use whatsapp status .

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